Online strategies for your e-commerce

Businesses are blooming on online platforms. From most large-scale businesses to small start-ups, all are shifting towards online business. The main reason for this shift is the large scope for marketing and digitalization of all industries. There are a lot of strategies to run a business successfully online. entrepreneurs opt for online strategies to expand their business because these strategies can opt at an affordable price and the potential returns are also expected to be high.

Creating a website is the primary measure to take the business online. Having a website is very useful so that people can find the…

Facebook is the biggest online platform to conduct a live commerce event.
through this, we can reach a lot of people within a short period. While
considering economically Facebook live streaming is the cheapest way to
connect with the customers.
The first step to be taken to make people aware of the live streaming is to
advertise and promote. An Advertisement should be posted on the Facebook
page before a couple of days so that the customers are aware of the live

How Digital payments power the start-up and why should start-ups opt for digital payments.

The world is getting digitized these days on account of the tremendous development of technology. The digital revolution has begun and the process is occurring at a higher rate. Industrial sectors are the major contributing areas for the world’s economy. Digitalization has made its place more grounded in this area too. Bunches of notable and well-established businesses and organizations are shifting their process to digital platforms.

This gives the new businesses start-ups an incredibly favourable position, for example, starting a process on the digital platforms gets…

This ‘new normal’ might really be our ‘normal’ even when this whole pandemic is over. And so are digital payments. The usage will go higher and higher as more businesses adapt to it. The new technology that usually takes up to 4–5 years, is accelerated to only a few months. We can all agree that COVID-1 is the catalyst of the advancement in the digital payments sector. And this also means that this will also mark the beginning of a new era towards digitalization.

Coronavirus has made individuals experience newer dimensions in all perspectives. Individuals are in the danger of…

You Don’t have access to manage apps.

Permission from your IT administrator may be required to enable apps management.

Master the email marketing which brings you profit..sounds good..!


Few Questions, I came across, when I start a marketing campaign, ask yourself, If you can’t find an answer for it, don’t worry, I will provide you my suggestions from my point of view and how I succeded in it

Is email marketing worth it?

When to pitch a product?

How to do email marketing?

How can I Grow email Subscriber List?

What are the email marketing tools?

How to set email automation?

What are The Best Time and Day to Send Emails?

Can I buy a 3rd party database for…

This is part 1 discussion of Instagram Ads

I was nobody, like 99% of people out there. I got 0 followers and I need to build a business? All have this question in mind, the answer is simple, its completely possible using Instagram.

Common Questions arise to everyone is

Is Instagram really worth it..?

Is it worth spending time on Instagram?

I am gonna breakdown that Instagram marketing is really worth it!


You can master and make revenue out of it..!


You can build a Ad Campaign in 3 levels

The Angel of Death

josef mengele facts:

Source : Holocaust

josef mengele parents/josef mengele history:

Spouse/Ex-: Irene Schoenbein, Martha Mengele

Father: Karl Mengele

Mother: Walburga Mengele

Siblings: Alois Mengele, Karl Jr Mengele

Children: Rolf Mengele

josef mengele born: March 16, 1911

josef mengele ww2:

Every one knows about his bio a lot. But he is commonly known for his medical experiment on prisoners. He worked in Auschwitz Concentration Camp during world war II.Also known as ss doctor josef mengele.

He has a doctorate on anthropology in medicine and researchers. He was the part of Nazi Party and SS in 1938.He conducted the genetic research on human subjects. …

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The VPN stands for “Virtual private Network”.To knew about more VPN.

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